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Discover a new way to travel with VIRUNGA ECOTOURS, the innovative ecotourism and Travel Company that puts sustainability and community first. We have created a joint environment in which the local community can work together with us and our partners to place ecotourism and cultural tourism activities as competitive practices of creating jobs, stimulating local micro-enterprise development, promoting local earning, developing skills and knowledge, and ultimately improving livelihoods within and around Virunga Massif area all the while conserving what makes this region unique.

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We offer you connectivity and experiences. Is it an adventure? Is it a tour? It is… and it isn’t.
Virunga Ecotours organizes unbeatable community based tours to give you the ultimate flexible travel experience. We want you to slow down and truly enjoy the adventure. Why seek to straighten the roads of life? The faster we travel, the less there is to see. We give you the time to delve deeper into culture, traditions, and immerse yourselves in everything the Virunga massif area has to offer with complete convenience.

Make Your Rwanda Vacation Memorable With Virunga Ecotours.

Turning Travel Into Impact

We engage underserved communities
in meaningful life-changing ways.

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Whatsoever you lack your delight journey or trek schedule to comprise, we will make something exclusively customized for you.

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